TitanWarriors, Clash of Clans-lvl 65-105 wanted!
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JV Dubzz 17th Jul 2015

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Tight knit group of clashers who are active, loyal, friendly, talkative, and strategic in the art of war! Lvl 4 clan soon to be lvl 5. Players lvl 60-105 wanted. Check us out on clash and bookmark us, TitanWarriors.

Welcome to Titan Warriors! 

The following is a more in depth description of our Clan. EST. February, 2015.

  • lvl 4 Clan, 400 clan xp to lvl 5.
  • 31 war wins
  • schedule: prep, war, rest, and repeat
  • predominately North American and english speaking
  • mature clan, mostly 18+ but open to anyone who can articulate a conversation
  • a well balanced mix of a casual and competitive approach to the world of Clash

The main three factors in our clan that require a solid balance are: 

  • Communication
  • War Effort
  • Donation Ratio

Following those as an outline, as well as waiting a minimum of 2 wars to be allowed into war in order to gain our trust, in no time will you become a valued member of the Titans and promotions will follow. 


  • Elder is given after the minimum time of waiting two wars has been met and you have then participated in at least 2 more wars. If your performance meets our standard and you show yourself in that time frame to be a valued asset to our core, the leaders will make well thought out decisions on your promotion. 


  • Once elder is attained, you have proven yourself to be a solid piece of our puzzle and the groundwork has been laid for the next promotion. Our Co-leader position requires a much longer process to attain. First of all, the position grows as the clan does so as to avoid issues with our structure by being top heavy. Like any successful hierarchy system goes in Clash of Clans, a fair and even pyramid system is necessary to keep order and happiness in the clans. So, there is no set time table as to when co-leader is given but in order to make the step from elder, the member must fully buy into our system and be selfless when it comes to helping out the clan. Donate as much as possible, give advice whenever the opportunity arises, lead by example, present new ideas, and simply be a positive factor in the development in the clan and its members. Our leaders see everything so you will be rewarded for your dedication to the clan. 

These are just the basics of the basics to our clan and we're developing all the time. Our website is a work in progress but you can check us our at: titanwarriors.clanwebsite.com

To those that are interested in a well organized and dedicated core of Clashers, check us out in clan search and if you fit the requirements, send a join request with a brief message to us. We hope to fight with you soon!

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luckywin 10th Oct

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Thank you for your post. I have read through several similar topics! However, your article gave me a very special impression, unlike other articles foodle. I hope you continue to have valuable articles like this or more to share with everyone!
alexreynolds 6th Nov

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What an amazing blog! Keep doing what you're doing well; I'd like to read more posts like this one quordle
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