A member i banned from my website got this email
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catdog888888888 31st Dec 2014

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jinx_evry1, Welcome to the most elite hosting for gamers

Hey jinx_evry1,
I thank you, jinx_evry1, for upgrading  midnightriders88gaming.com
 to premium. I know you have other options when it comes to choosing a host. But congratulations, your premium website is ready to go!
You've just taken a GIANT step up in the gaming world. You now have access to tons of premium features.
Newsletters, recruitment forms, custom pages, automations, tournament management, ranks, and much, much more.
That's right. You have all the tools you need to build your clan and lead it to domination.
It's exciting stuff, jinx_evry1.
I know all of these new features can be a bit overwhelming—especially if this is your first time building a website—but don't worry, me and my team will be here for you every step of the way. I promise you that.
I'll show you how to utilize these new features, as well as build your community to your desired level—and make sure your members stay active.
Here's some of the cool stuff you'll learn over the next few days and weeks:
—4 Simple ways to recruit members for your clan 
—How to make your site look AWESOME 
—An easy way to keep your members engaged 
—How to organize an epic gaming tournament 
—3 simple steps to stop your members from leaving 
—How to monetize your community (yes, you can make a TON of money off of it!)
And that's just the beginning!
Just a quick note: we provide all our users with fantastic customer support. If you ever need help or have any questions, just open a ticket from your admin panel (another great premium feature!).
Also, be sure to check out our  FAQ page, where we answer all of the most frequent questions from our website admins.
Welcome aboard, jinx_evry1. I'm so thrilled to have you here.
Talk to you soon!

P.S.: If you want to chat about your experience so far, just add me on Skype (after all, you're now a VIP!). It's jamesandrews89. I can't chat to everyone given my crazy schedule, but I do try my best to get around to everyone. 

What is going on He never gave his credit card info to my knowledge and he is not an admin. I banned him  He wants to sue me and bring me to court

Is he now the owner of the site?

Did i spend 400 dollars just to lose control of my own website  I got as a gift for my birthday. 

I am scared to death right now. 

JamesAdmin 1st Jan 2015

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I'll open a ticket so we can discuss this more privately. Thanks.
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