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BenaiaH 2nd Nov 2015

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I have a domain through called I am trying to get it set up and wanted to verify I did it correctly. Everything I have read here on your forums seems to tell me it is set up correctly. When I go to it says 

It's working!

Your domain name has been set up correctly! Please don't forget to enter your domain name in your admin panel so we can link your website to your domain name.
If you've entered your domain name in your admin panel then please wait for your domain name to activated. This happens once every 24 hours.

Does that in fact guarantee it has worked? I have entered my domain name on my DNS manager here and entered the name servers on my domain host.
Let me know if I am missing anything. EDIT: Also do I need to turn off security?
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Beans 1709 3rd Nov 2015

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just have to wait for it to populate. this could take up to 72 hours. Depends on your domain provider.

Arnulfo 6th Nov 2015

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Setting up a domain differs and depends on your domain service provider, if you have done everything correctly according to the instructions posted in the FAQ page, then please wait for atleast 24 - 72 hours depending on how fast your domain service provider could patch up your domain.

If a certain problem still occurs, please open a ticket so that we could assist you further.

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

Customer Care

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

Customer Care

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