Advanced Editing and its flaws.
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Vos 11th Dec 2014

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Hey there.

As you probably know we've been a customer of this host for about 1.5 years and must say most of the things we really enjoy with. I've had numerous of suggestions which I posted on the feature request, not all were added but fine.

One thing I want to talk about is the advanced editing. Cause it's just broken, atleast at our website.

It's probably hard to explain if not experiencing it yourself, but this is what happens:

Whenever people in our community use the advanced editing (where they can just easily work with colors, sizes, adding images etc.) it happens 3/4 time that the formatting when actually posting it completely messes it up. The main issue is that advanced editing completely messes up the HTML. The more you decorate your post (adding colors, images and whatnot), the more problems arise with the document. I often have to manually edit the HTML to fix it.

Like when you center one thing through it, it starts adding everywhere else. Whenever you change the color of something twice, it adds the html code for the color twice around that. Whenever we use the bullet point function really weird enters appear between them.

So short: Using advanced editing messes up the HTML output of it. It adds stuff, it closes the html (like [ /color]) way too late or at places much further into the document. The stuff you put into advanced editing doesn't represent the actual stuff that you post 90% of the time.

This needs fixing cause it's a really annoying thing.
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L.S.R 12th Dec 2014

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I have noticed this as well and it can get very frustrating, i also just go into the view source option and do it manually which is not very advanced in itself and time consuming.

You lied iclan i want my money back , but yeah would be good to get this fixed.

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