Am I the only site owner that has trouble?
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Str8UpJack 3rd Mar 2015

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Reading through the first page here makes me wonder why my experience is so different from everyone else.. The constant reappearance of the same bugs ( i.e. not being able to send out an email announcement about a news post ) is driving me bonkers.  I swear they have the same piece of code with that bug that just gets placed back into the updates they do, then they have to go back and fix it.  I really want to like iClanwebsite but the same old problems just keep popping up and I'm running out of reasons to stay.  

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JamesAdmin 3rd Mar 2015

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Hey there,

Yeah we have experienced problems with git (our version control system).

Before each update we spend a couple of days testing. But with so many features it's not possible to find every glitch, on every device. We're pretty quick at fixing bugs though. Its important customers report them to us so we can fix it asap.

Please note we are pushing out bug fixes on a daily basis.

I'd feel bad if you left because of these bugs, but I completely understand where you're coming from. This is why I switched from Windows to Mac. We'll try to test a little longer in the future.
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