Another scrim report bug?
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fapclan 20th May 2014

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Last sunday i played in a scrim with my clan.
We lost this match.

On my profile it still says win - loss 0 - 0

I have ticked the option that will include results in member win/loss stats.
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Doc_Hop_Six 21st May 2014

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Did u change the status from Pending to a loss? It is defaulted as Pending and if you don't change it then it will not tally the Wins/Losses. I have missed it before myself.

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fapclan 22nd May 2014

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Yeah i actually did change it from pending to loss.
So basicly when you put it on pending, you may not change it manually tto a win or loss?
JamesAdmin 25th May 2014

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The win/loss stats are simply determined by the scores actually. Also the win/loss stats are cached every 1 hour, since calculating the win/loss stats is computationally expensive. Does this clear up any confusion?
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