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sb70 8th Jul 2019

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I'm an early iclan user (one of the first to sign up in 2013) I've been paying regularly for my site 39 usd yearly rate for the past six years. I paid 43 usd June of last month, yet received another invoice request from Arnulfo for another 43 usd plus a prompt for monthly payments? What's going on? I took a ticket out over the weekend over this matter and have heard nothing. All payments have been recorded in my admin panel since 2013 except for last month. My site even though it is premium, I use just the basic of features - picture and file hosting. I do not stream or use up relativity any bandwidth.

43 usd would round out to 516 usd yearly for a site I upload the odd file and host a few pictures at a couple months out of the year which is insane. Plus, I wasn't notified of any payment changes. I would be happy to keep the same basic plan going indefinitely (39 or 43 usd) - but monthly is out of the question. I would appreciate knowing what is going on because it's going to take me a few days to switch to another website host if that is the case here. Thanks.

The site is

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