Banner issues everything get out of place
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ttwister 30th Dec 2012

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ok here is my problem .. while i go in teh change the theme to upload my banner ... it will take the banner .. but then everything is out of place .. ihave changed the banner size in all kinds of sizes it does this every time ..

even when i dont change anything at all once i am on that page click on save everything is all out of place this is very frustrading .. can someone help me out here .. I do have skype
JamesAdmin 30th Dec 2012

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You're using one of our legacy themes that was make years ago. I've logged into your site and changed the theme to one which is theme builder compatible.

Sorry for the confusion, maybe we should weed out the old themes...
MadHaze 15th Jul 2014

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I had this same issue , what free theme can I use? I'm not too keen on any of the premiums. I want to make my own "Destiny" theme .

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