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fapclan 30th Oct 2014

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Hey guys,

I think the new update where you can add a banner picture in your profile is really awesome.
What i do think can be changed is the size of the font that shows your profile name.
At the moment it is so big that you can not see the biggest part of your banner.

I would recommend the following to make it all look better

Profile pic in banner:
Make it so that the space above, below and the from the left of the picture are all the same (10px spacing maybe)

The Font should be much smaller like arround between 16 pt to 20 pt and should be lined out with the profile picture so as i said above, from below it should have 10px spacing as well. end 10 px spacing from the left seen from the profile pic so it sits there beside your picture.

If you want me to make a quick example in photoshop let me know and i will fix it

Dawn 31st Oct 2014

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I've added this to our feature requests list. Thank you again for your feedback!
fapclan 31st Oct 2014

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Aaaah snap, forget the thing about the profile picture that is allready correct.

Just make the name of your profile smaller in .pt and then it is fine

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