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MadHaze 14th Jul 2014

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I am a complete noob at this so , my apologies

When I try to update my Banner it's nevr the right size. It's massive. I have tried cropping it using paint but it still hangs over to the right hand side of the screen.

How do I know what size the upload should be so it's fits nice?

Thanks for any help.
WYLCHYLD666 1st Aug 2014

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Send me a pm of what you would like and we talk about it

Dawn 3rd Aug 2014

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The standard width of the banner is 1200 px; the height doesn't matter.

Furious-F 4th Aug 2014

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yeh.. you could also right click on the default banner and save it to see the dimensions

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V. "Reaper" Reznovski 26th Sep 2021

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1280 x 400 px
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