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Jonathan 28th Jun 2015

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Why is there no basic instruction video or page for creating a websites.

Eg i want to add new pages. great how do i add a new page similar to my home page but different text?

I have added a new webpage but if i add text to this page it does not have the border or anything its just test with the outside widgits.

How do i add a contact us page? (There is no information regarding this except that you can create a new contact form, and put it were?????)

Please can someone create a basic guide for people who are trying to use the website builder. You said its easy enough for beginners but there is nothing to help beginners at all.

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Evie 1st Jul 2015

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Hi there,

Thank you for your queries.

To add a webpage, just go to admin panel > menu > content > webpages

We do have a theme builder video that you can check out.

For more questions, please hover on the "Help" button on your admin panel.

Enjoy the site!
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