Battlefield 3 Easter Eggs.
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Porthos 27th Jul 2013

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I have created a thread on my forums for posting of screenshots of Easter Eggs found in the BF3 maps. Suppose to be at least five per map. For those clans playing BF3, if you have found any please feel free to post screenshots.

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Beans 1709 27th Jul 2013

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no ss's anymore

alborz mountain - T-REX Skull - use the viper and fly NEE from the US deployment and you will find it halfway up in a small crater type thing.
- Gnome 1 - Where A would be on conquest, smash the shed gently there is a gnome in side
- Gnome 2 - up near the "golf ball" tower head down the mountain along one of the ridges and another gnome is there. they go "ow" when you break them

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