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Morthos 13th Jul 2015

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Try to insert a shared photo from the web... ... /2015-07-13/12:37:55

by using the provided BB code in the editor and it simply doesn't work. Does anything on this service work? See below... I used the editor to try and insert the viewable link above. Broken tournament registration, broken tournament system (tourneys wont start at appointed time and create brackets and now this)

Dunbar1 13th Jul 2015

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Bare with them. They have raised the security level to prevent the dos attacks and some bugs have developed from it. As they are being found, they are being addressed. I myself would rather have the extra security and deal with the bugs when I find them. I just send in a ticket and usually they get back quick and let me know,"  yep thats a bug", we will work on it. I still cant upload audio files of our meetings, but again, I would rather deal with that till it gets fixed over haveing  my site or TS constantly going down from attacks.

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Evie 19th Jul 2015

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Thank you for reporting.

This has been worked on by our developer.

We appreciate your patience.

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