Breaking Point - Tournaments wont "start"
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bozone 13th Jul 2015

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Ive had two tournaments scheduled for some time. They fail to start. They fail to create brackets. They fail to close registrations.

How the hell do you expect us to run a tournament?

We still have unanswered questions about site registration and profiles. I was told by "Eve" that we have full control of it and yet we do not. Since then, just ignoring the question

11 days ago I filed a support ticket because paying a tournament fee when a player registers works, but then it does not redirect the player back to our website and finish the process so that the player is entered into the tournament. Instead, I have had to waste time setting up an item in the "store" for players to pay reg fees. No answer on this one. Not even any further questions ensuring you understand the issue.

Now today, when the tournaments were supposed to "start", as in closing the registration process and creating the brackets... they do nothing. Wont create a bracket, wont start.

Seriously people.,... this is quickly becoming a joke.

And while I am at it, when I signed up there was no mention that my payments were going overseas. Now instead of paying the singular monthly rate, I am getting hit for about $2.50 extra in fees. Thanks.
Evie 19th Jul 2015

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Hello Bozone,

Apologies for the frustration.

Our developers are now working closely on fixing this.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.
JamesAdmin 22nd Jul 2015

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Hi, please see here with regards to tournaments starting: https://www.iclanwebsites ... .com/help-faq/76/

Does this help?
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