Bugs found #2
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Mad-Chaos-One 24th Apr 2014

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I don't know if i have to post them here but there are a couple of other bugs to i found on the same theme as said above.

One of my members pointed out a bug in the calander for entering date of birth
- Editing account... when i had to apply my age i couldn't set below year 1990 i think and it goes up to the future... (2024) ?? ^^ i could put in manually like 1989 like mine is...

(i checked it out when u clear the field of ur date of birth. click it once u can fill in by calander.. u'll see it jumps to year 2014 and when u want to change it, it only goes from 2004 till 2024)

but when filled in manually and clicking the box it will give correct yeartimes....

Myself was trying to PM a other member and found this.
- When i want to PM a member, there is no Text Imput box available.

It is possible to type a message tho but the box is not there

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JamesAdmin 26th Apr 2014

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This isn't a bug. Select 2004 then you will see another 10 years. I'll add this as a feature request to have more years added.
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