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Roughneck 23rd Nov 2014

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 Admin on the site tried to change the domain name and something went wrong now nobody can access the website. We are paying for premium and would like to see a timely response in this regard. The ticket was sent 7 hours ago.

Simo 24th Nov 2014

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Switching domain names can take 24 hours to become active and its in the hands of your domain provider not iclan.
Evie 26th Nov 2014

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Hi there,

Your website is still on this link: http://risenfromtheashes. ...

If you wish to customize your domain, please follow the guidelines below:

It is 100% possible to use any domain registrar with our websites. All you need to do is setup the domain name from the registrars side.

First, visit your Admin Panel > Menu > DNS Manager. Enter your domain name. If you know you have additional DNS records for other services such as email or voice server then enter them here too. Press the save button.

Then, change your DNS name servers (this is done through your registrar) to:

It is very important you change your name servers after you press the save button! If you use GoDaddy, this article explains how to do this: ... ed-with-us?locale=en

Your domain name will become active within a few hours.
XxBlackRangerxX 3rd Dec 2014

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Beans 1709 4th Dec 2014

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@XxBlackRangerxX what was done for this to happen?? i.e where had you got to in setting up your site?

Trevor 11th Dec 2014

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Oddly enough Seconded. I got everything set up but nobody can see it. I even invited members...

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L.S.R 12th Dec 2014

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Does the admin have access to the site and admin panel. ?.

If yes a few things to look at might be in the main menu admin section as that is where your new domain urls must go to show the homepage/forum etc.

go to Admin Panel/Edit Menu

There you will see your home/forum etc Go to the edit option of (example) HOME and inside make sure the right domain name url is inserted in the box, if not insert new domain url and do the same in the other sections of your main menu's.. also make sure the correct right (to see) permissions are ticked.

Also With your new domain name you should thoroughly check all your admin menu's notably those to do with domain name etc.

Hope this helps until you get a better answer, good luck.


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