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RS Reaper HV 27th Jul 2015

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I submitted a ticket earlier, and I was sent a confirmation email and how I could track the conversation of my ticket. They provided me with a link to the ticket and said quote, "If this is your first visit, you will need to sign up to our support portal using your email address" and then it showed my email. 

Well I clicked the link and try to register on the support portal, it says "email has already been taken." So I try to login, and it proceeds to say "email/password combination is not valid." After failing to register or login using the email, I then resort to the "forgot password" button and it sends me an email to reset my password associated with the email. I reset the password and try to log in again, still will not work. And can not register as well. 

How can I access the support portal to view my ticket, if I cannot login or register with my email? I would have made another account on the support portal with a different email, but I'm sure then it wouldn't have recognized that I'm a premium member.

Thanks for the help in advance,
- Alex

Well I received the response to my ticket in an email as well, so it is no longer needed for me to even log into the support portal. Still not sure what the problem is, but my ticket was answered quickly and all is well. Others might be having the same problem getting into the portal so I will just leave this post here. Thanks!

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Evie 27th Jul 2015

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Hi Alex,

Your tickets will be answered in the mail. You will get to monitor it's status on the mail too.

The portal / your site is where you can send us a ticket or ask the community.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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