Can't wrap tiny brain around "friend" feature
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X-Ployt 16th Mar 2015

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I just don't understand how it works.

Do friends get notified everytime I make a post? What about news/event/forum posts and comments?

If I were to make my profile private, would friends only be the ones to respond/send messages to me? If that's the case, does that only happen when I post a message to my profile, rather than the main feed?

What's the functionality difference between posting a message on a friend's profile versus friend-tagging the same person on the post? I see the perk, which is being able to link the post to more than one person and having more than one method to connect to another person via the feed, but I don't know if there's anything else to it. 

Furthermore, wouldn't it be a good idea to include just a regular member tag function as well? At first I thought it was for all the members. I saw some of the members in the game I was playing, and thought I'd make a post about it for others to see, almost as a way of demonstrating for people on the site and on the outside that these people are real and that they are part of the community. When I realized it was for friends only, I was a little disappointed. I decided to send out mass friend invites thinking I could make use of the function in this manner. Some time went by, and then I realized if they all have e-mail notifications on, they will all see me make posts they may not particularly care about, potentially.

I would love to know how this works.

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Evie 16th Mar 2015

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Hello X-Ployt,

Friends - are the users you can send instant messaging.
They don't necessarily get your news post & events unless you belong to the same community. Community post, on the other hand, it will appear on activity feed.

Making your profile private, means only friends can message you (just like FB wherein only friends can see your feed and contact you).

Posting a message on friend's profile is like posting a message to a wall on your Facebook friend. Whereas tagging your friend, it's still visible with others and that specific friend.

Happy gaming!

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