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Pigfarm70 17th Feb 2014

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Hello All !

Our group is new to the iClan community and we've been very pleased with our new site ( and the services iClan has offered so far.   Thanks !

I found a feature that the site has built-in that is quite close to being a "perfect" tool for us, but would need some revisions to truly suit our needs/goals.  This is the "Match Report" Tool.

Are there members in the Community here that can help with matters like this or does iClan themselves offer customization of their standard tools ?

I would like to discuss this further with someone that may be able to help to give & obtain more details.

Many Thanks !

IOHL President
Simo 18th Feb 2014

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Post up what it is your after as there are some creative members who may have worked out how to get what you are looking for.
Pigfarm70 27th Feb 2014

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Here is a summary of what we'd like to be able to do with the Match Report tool.

-) We are on online Hockey League currently with 24 Teams playing 10 games per week.

-) We currently use a statistics service from to enter all of the game stats and track standings, point leaders, etc.

-) Our League Rules require that of the 10 games per week, a player must play at least 3 but not more than 6 games. 

-) We currently track the "who" played by having each team enter a forum post stating what players were on the opposing team for that game. This ensure honesty in the count of the games.

-) This is where the MATCH REPORT panel could become extremely useful to us, as it would resolve the need for the post mentioned above as well as provide some additional new things for us that we find appealing.

  1. Match Report provides Game score summary as well as tracks the players from both teams.
  2. Match Report tracks individual Win/Loss records to their profile for historical stats...would be a nice addition !
  3. We think we may be able to utilize the Match Report results to feed a Ticker on the site that would show recent games and the results.

There are a few somewhat crucial things that would need to modified in order for us to use this panel in this manner.
  • It currently appears that only Admins with specific rights can create a new Match Report.  We would need to be able to open this up and allow new reports to be created through use of the integrated Ranking structure. EDIT - I have now found that the Rank permissions to allow creation of a new Match Report was embedded in the panel options.
  • We would designate that the Winner of the game is required to enter the Match report, but would then need the ability to allow for a "Verified" checkbox for the losing opponent to confirm that the entered data is correct. Again, we would like this feature to be driven by the designated Team and a specific Rank.
  • Team selection should auto complete based on the embedded rank system. (each team is set-up as its own rank to allow "locker rooms" in the forum.) 
  • I see we have the ability to create Custom Panels.  It looks like what we need is someone good enough with code to make a Custom Panel for us using the standard Match Report code as the base.

If anyone believes they could modify this panel to accommodate these things, please contact me at  We would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for your time/efforts.

Many Thanks !
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