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Phyrefli 8th May 2015

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Hi All,

I'm creating a league site, which will (hopefully) have a lot of members and clans when up and running.

Having a manual admin approval of a newly registered clan is fine, we want to check them before they join.

But manually approving each members' application to join a clan (effectively a roster) is going to be a lot of manual work, as well as add a delay between a member applying and being placed in a roster.

The process I have right now is:

  • When a clan is approved, the admin creates a new recruitment form for that clan and a hidden sub forum which only the person who registered the clan has access to.
  • When a member completes and submits the recruitment form, a post is placed in the hidden sub-forum, and the clan leader then replies with Approved or Denied.
  • The admin checks to see the response of the clan leader, then either approves or denies the application as per what the clan leader.

As you can imagine this is going to be a lot of manual labour if there are a lot of people joining, and that doesn't take into account people wanting to swap clans. Ideally I want to remove the admin totally from the approve/deny process when a member applies to join a roster.

So my question is this - is there a way to appoint a person as a clan leader or clan admin who can approve/deny applications to a specific roster, and who can also preferably remove people from that said roster? If so, can you please explain how?


4CAD AdC 8th May 2015

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I can't give you a specific how-to, but if it's possible it'll be in the screen to grant admin rights to others at the bottom of the Admin Panel.  I know you can grant certain privileges to specific people, the ability to approve applications being one of them. I *think* this comes with the ability to change rosters too.  BUT... I do not believe you could do this on a roster by roster basis.

What you are describing sounds more like linking together preexisting clan sites.  The admins for each of those sites can handle their own overhead. You could create a site that has info and links to those other clan sites

I also don't think Iclans has the ability to allow seamless info sharing between clan sites. For instance... you couldn't pull a list of top 10 players from each of the other clans automagically. Their admins would have to email you that info... but i could be wrong.

How you would handle league standing info is quite beyond me unless match results and standings were processed completely manually.
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