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Totally_Oblivious 8th Oct 2015

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I've searched the forum and cannot find exactly what I'm looking for:
I am trying to add a custom panel to my member profile pages only. So far, I cannot see how to edit each members profile page panels. I'd like to arrange the order, rather than have recent activity take 75% of the page and the other panels only 25% on the right side. My hope is to add a World of Tanks panel to the top of the Recent Activity (75% width) under the member's name and banner. This panel would include a stat signature image and two links, the stat signature image would be a link to noobmeter or the like, and a text link for the WoT profile. 

Any help would be appreciated. TY

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8th Oct 2015
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Evie 9th Oct 2015

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Hi there,

Thank you for your query.

I have gone ahead and created a ticket for your so we can assist you in detail.

Please check your mail.

Thank you for taking the time.
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