custom website backround image size specifications
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Flash IV 14th Mar 2015

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Hi i was wondering if someone here could tell me the correct website background image specifications for a custom background image. for is example 2500x2000 those values.

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Simo 16th Mar 2015

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hey flash, The 1200px evie has mentioned is usually for the banner image size. if you are on about your website background the many different monitor sizes and resolutions makes a one size fits all a bit tricky, From what i see on your website can i make a suggestion?

instead of going to the trouble of making another background image i think your current background would be better if in the theme builder you made 2 changes, first set your background image to fixed it will stop the image from repeating, second change your background colour to # 000000 (black) so if anyone has a big widescreen monitor the black edges of your background image will blend in to the black background colour.

you can always change it back if you dont think it looks very good but i think it will
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