Customer Support Tickets Broken ?
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Reaper 13th Sep 2021

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So for the last week, I have made 5 different tickets because of issues that has been preventing me from doing anything.
 Before my website expired, I tried to upgrade it using Team Pay. However, it wouldn't let me, kept saying for me to contact the administrator, however, I can't contact support because regardless of the amount of tickets I sent in, no one would/has reached out to me. 

No my website has expired and I have 2 options. 
  • A. Delete my website and start a new one with constant recurring billing to pay for my website and waste more time
  • B. Hopefully contact someone here, that can help me get back into my site

Whats dumb though is this, if someones pc resets, or updates, it normally signs them out of everything. And since you can't login without it saying: 
To continue using the website, please upgrade your plan.
But how can anyone do this, if they can't even sign into their own website ? This is a stupid feature that ya'll added and needs to be switched asap! because as web designers, we spend all day and night and sometimes money. So we have a right to log in. And we can't do that it if prevents us from doing so.

So if you are a DEV, can you please help me.
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