Double Elimination Bracket - fail
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Cry0nicS 6th Mar 2014

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We recently purchased iClan Website only for the bracketing system, but sadly if fails on it's two most imoprtant functions (For us). We wanted to be able to create a bracket without asking 640 people to create an account and sign in personally  (we have 128 teams of 5 members each). An admin could do that for all...

Secondly, we wanted a 4 x 32 double elimination bracket...but the double elimination bracket is everything in the world but not a double elim bracket. It has like 5 Losers Bracket and it doesnt even fit on the screen with maximum zoom out. 
I added 2 screeshots of how it looks like and 1 of how it should look like.

Any possible solutions for us?
Dawn 7th Mar 2014

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Hello, I have responded to your ticket. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. But, there will be exciting feature updates coming soon!
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