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Ratigan 28th May 2017

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hi all im hoping someone can help me.
ive tryed using the dowload center to upload a file bigger than 10mgb and get this

413 Request Entity Too Large

so i thought i would use the ftp site that came with my website  (5gig ftp storage space).
that works fine. files are up BUT the questions i have are.

1 can i link the ftp ( file space ) to the download center so i have all my downloads in one place

2  if not can it be added to make it possable
Many thanks Ratigan

NSMetroid 30th May 2017

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There is one workaround that you can do that makes this achievable, however your community might get a little confused on how to download the actual file..

If you would like for it to appear under downloads, you will have to first upload a "dummy file" so it appears on the page. (maybe you can get rid of the download later, I'm not sure.)

After that, you can just make a hyperlink to the download location within the download details.

For example, on this download of mine, I have created an image that links to the full size kit download. whereas the actual download button itself only downloads half the kit. due to the one of many constraints of being an iClan customer.

Hope this helps.
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