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tristam14 8th Sep 2015

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Two Questions:

(1) Can you send groups their own mass e-mail that only for them?  Example: Rainbow Six Siege Group will get PM talking about Rainbow Siege game dates.;

(2) Can you send and confirm Game invites from the schedule to  groups/members AND have members from each group confirm or deny each invite sent;

(3) Where do you see PM icon listed on the site....I check my profile for example and nothing shoes up....how will members PM if needed?

Evie 11th Sep 2015

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Hello Tristam,

1. You can create ranks for that group and send mass PM for that rank.

2. This is a feature request for now. We will gladly consider to be included for our next development.

3. Just go to My Center > Inbox.

Keep the ideas coming! Cheers!
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