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Vatslav 4th May 2015

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Suddenly my application form stopped working (I only have 1 and not intend to create a new one when this was working and should work) 

when a user press on "apply now" he is presented with rules that needs to be accepted (so far so good)- 

problem is, when user press "I have read and accept the rules"  - the only thing that comes out next is "Submit application" 

So no application form is loading at all it seems?? It was working fine (to some extend before) now not at all - PLZ FIX 



This error I had for ages, probably reportetd it before, but getting extremely tired of it. - PLZ FIX 

When I am editing any text (anywhere on the site), save my work, and it just behaves as it has a life of its own. 


Example: I want 3 rows of text with equal spacing between them, like this: 

1text text text 


2text text text 


3text text text 


I save my work, go to "View Website" at the top right and what do I get? This: 


1.text text text 2.text text text 
3text text text 


See the difference or is it just me being a perfectionist? 


So anyways, I hope it makes sense what I wrote and what errors I get. Sorry that I am too lazy to create screenshots.


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JamesAdmin 4th May 2015

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1) This isn't a bug. I just checked and you haven't added any forms/fields. Please edit your recruitment application form and add some fields. You can do that here: http://fsb.clanwebsite.co ... itmentform;id=168954 and click "Add Field" at the bottom. A change has been made now to hide the extra submit button if there are no fields.

2) Can you put this into a custom page somewhere on your site, and link me to the problem?
Vatslav 5th May 2015

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I am very sorry for being rude yesterday. I was just so tired after a whole day work with the webpage and nothing worked as intended.
Once again really sorry for my rude attitude and thank you for fixing the buggs. 

1. Hmm I see you are right James, but it's very strange, there were 9 fields before and I never deleted them. But thanks

2. Yes Sir, here you go: http://fsb.clanwebsite.co ... m/page/test
UKKorby 5th May 2015

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The text editor for any kind of forum/pm/welcome message input has a mind of it's own, I've had this issue for weeks now.

Here is how the first automated PM gets sent out to new members who have registered - http://prntscr.com/71yde6
This is how it's been saved in the editor via Membership and Registration - http://prntscr.com/71ygux
This is how I WANT it to look - http://prntscr.com/71yfcj

Personally I've given up and just laugh, I call it a feature not a bug.

All jokes aside I know iClan try their best bless em.
4CAD AdC 5th May 2015

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Yeah - the text editor does strange things with font, size, color and centering controls.

A lot of the time the easiest thing to do is get the message close to what you want and then use the 'View Source' button at the far right of the editor bar like UKKorby mentioned.  But that assumes you know how to work with BBcode or HTML and the editor should make all that unnecessary.

I have no first hand knowledge but I assume correcting the editor behavior would be a daunting task (if possible at all).
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