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4CAD AdC 13th Apr 2015

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I've got multiple users complaining they cannot upload screenshot JPG's as attachments to forum posts. Attachments from long ago that I've looked at many times now seem to be missing. I'm not 100% sure but I think I've seen times when reloading the webpage many times got the attachment to show up. But i couldn't get it to work tonight.

I tried it myself and it failed to upload a 256x256 JPG test image.  I did verify that the Forum Board in question has 'Allow Attachments' checked.

I saw another person claim that it would work if you didn't use your mousewheel while the upload was in progress but that did nothing for me.

We did recently transfer overall ownership of the site from me to the new Clan Commander.  I'm now his XO and have all site Admin permissions. I did notice in the past (when I was site owner) that uploaded files from all members seemed to go to a file folder associated specifically with my account name.  Is it possible that the ownership transfer screwed this up?

Support Ticket opened
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Evie 15th Apr 2015

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Hi there,

Thank you for your query.

Please check your mail for the ticket response regarding this.

Ownership transfer has nothing to do with it. Please ask your new site owner to ensure you have "moderator" access. Jpg, png, zip files are supported.

Happy gaming!
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