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spacemanatee 23rd Mar 2016

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Can I make real forum stickys on my page somehow? Some information needs to always be on top.

Thanks for a great system!
Arnulfo 23rd Mar 2016

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Thank you for the compliment!

You can actually share you compliments about the system in our testimonials page.

Also, please go to your forums and can you see a "Star" icon when you are in the thread section?

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

Customer Care

sb70 24th Mar 2016

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you have to appoint yourself mod powers of the forum. Then select 'moderate forum' as an option, the sticky post option should appear.

moderation team for the official papyrus sub-reddit: r/nr2003

Last Edit: 24th Mar 2016 by sb70
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