Getting a "Technical Error" Message & Need Help.
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John_Sheldon 13th Jun 2015

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Good Evening, 

I was working on our new website  when I was kicked off of it & given a Technical Error Message. I tried to refresh the page, Shut down my PC & To no eval. a member of my clan is on the web site & he sees everything. He also mentioned that it says that I am online & active within the web page but I am not because all I see is the message I am getting that you see below. The message is saying as follows:

Technical Error - We're either performing an update or we have crashed. Come back in a few minutes.

If anyone knows whats going on or can help please that would be greatly appreciated as I need to access my web page due to extensive work that needs to be done. 
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JamesAdmin 13th Jun 2015

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Hey, thanks for reporting. This will be fixed in a jiffy.
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