Great Support for a website wanting 49.99 a month
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iDon 8th Sep 2014

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I was being skeptical at first. I need a website to host my clan site. so I was doing some research. found this one and enjiin. I look at the support forum to see if support is active on here, and I am not pleased. I have seen over 20 topics of people asking for help and no replies. so I pay 49.99 for a service that list all this features, im stuck need help I post and no respond. jum... yall need netter support. I was gonna go with this site but the lack of support is terrible.
JamesAdmin 9th Sep 2014

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Hello, support is given through support tickets and instant chat (about 16 hours per day). I notice you haven't opened any tickets, please open a ticket from inside your admin panel. Our average first time response is 2 hours 10 minutes, thank you!
Furious-F 9th Sep 2014

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iClanWebsites' support is very fast my friend. I'd suggest you to stay on iClanWebsites' side! Well, as James said, you have to open a ticket from your Admin Panel or by connecting in your Admin Panel on the bottom - left you can see a small "Window" to call it like "Online Members (0) Click to chat".

If yes, then it means that a part of Support Team is online, probably Evie who's really good at her job She helped me a lot of times and she responses in like few seconds.

Anyway, that's up to you buddy. Just saying my opinion and experience! Good luck

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Evie 9th Sep 2014

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Thank you for your kind words.

We strive to provide the best possible support we can.

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