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bwest 9th Feb 2014

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I was wondering if there is an option for your community Members to add other members as friends? And I was also wondering if there is an option for members to have their own personal walls, where they can post their own updates or post anything they want.

Any response is very much appreciated thanks.
Olympea 18th Feb 2014

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No you cant add as friend though James said it's a planned future feature. As for personal walls... im not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean the wall they have when they go to their profile?
Simo 18th Feb 2014

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Each member can write their own blog on you site
Dawn 19th Feb 2014

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Hi, members can post anything on their profile pages. Just go to the "My Center" tab on top and click on "My Profile". On the Activity Feed, post your comments on the box there that says "Post your comment.." or "Post status update.."
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