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Camble 29th Aug 2014

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Hello i need some help. I talked with an online support and they told me my name server settings were wrong and i needed to change them in my domain provider under my settings tab there. They then gave me the info for me to put in there, as I switched to the other page to find where the info went and came back to my conversation with customer support the info they gave me was gone and the conversation was ended. I need help please I can't even open up my web site at all right now.    is my web site address 


Evie 30th Aug 2014

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Hello Camble,

I have gone ahead and checked your site, you haven't configured your domain correctly.

You can go ahead and access your site here:  http://www.spartanodyssey ...

Please set up your domain as carefully stipulated below:

It is 100% possible to use any domain registrar with our websites. All you need to do is setup the domain name from the registrars side.

For Premium Customers 

We recommend you use our DNS servers, so we can manage your records for you. First, visit your Admin Panel > Menu > DNS Manager. Enter your domain name. If you know you have additional DNS records for other services such as email, then enter them here too. Press the save button.

Then, change your DNS name servers (this is done through your registrar) to:


Your domain name will become active within a few hours.

For Free Users

First, you need to resolve your domain name to our IP address, which is Both  www. and without the  www. should be setup to resolve to this IP address. You can do this by creating DNS A records for your domain name. If you need help with this, then it is best to contact your domain name registrar company, because they will be able to assist you with the DNS records.

Once that has been done, login to your website and go to your admin panel, click Domains > Configure Domain Name and complete step 2. You may need to wait a little while for the DNS settings to reach us, we will check your domain name setup to ensure everything is going to work smoothly. If you see an error, then it is likely you just need to wait a little longer (48 hours in some rare cases) or you have problems with your DNS setup.

Hover if you need anything else or send us an email to

Furious-F 31st Aug 2014

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Should be like this if I'm right

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Evie 31st Aug 2014

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That's right!

Thanks for sharing!  

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