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acraft 24th Jan 2014

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Where do I put this code to make it work because it makes the website pages not load when I try to add it can someone help me?

<!-- SCM Music Player -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=" ... pt.js" 
data-config="{'skin':'skins/black/skin.css','volume':50,'autoplay':true,'shuffle':false,'repeat':0,'placement':'bottom','showplaylist':false,'playlist':[{'title':'Cop Theme Song','url':&#39LinK_TemP_3|},{'title':'Martin Tungevaag - The Goat House (K-391 Remix)','url':&#39LinK_TemP_4|},{'title':'K-391 - This Is Felicitas','url':&#39LinK_TemP_5|},{'title':'Alone - G-Eazy','url':&#39LinK_TemP_6|}]}" ></script>
<!-- SCM Music Player script end -->
Forum » Community Forums » Help and Support
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