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yeldarbchaotic 23rd Nov 2014

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I've been trying to retrieve a list of online users, ultimately to be online users from a certain roster. However, I've been having some trouble.

I have attached the file, as the code braces don't seem to work quite right.
The problem is that, while this seems to work fine in Firefox, it does not work in Chrome. In Chrome, the function is passed a null value, rather than the json that should be returned. Does anyone know a better way to do this?
Thank you in advance,
 - yeldarbchaotic
Evie 26th Nov 2014

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Hello yeldarbchaotic,

In as much as I want to assist you with advanced coding, I am afraid this is beyond my scope of support. However, I suggest you can ask members or friends who are "techie" enough to be able to provide you an accurate answer.

Best regards!

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