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BoomScoom 9th Dec 2014

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I have created a rank now I want to set the permissions.  Where do I do that?
Beans 1709 9th Dec 2014

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The permissions are on the boards & catagories themselves.

Beans 1709 10th Dec 2014

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When you create categories there are some check boxes at the bottom to pick which ranks can view any boards inside that category. (like an Admin only section is a good idea to have the category hidden from non admins)

This will show you how to edit the view permissions if you created your ranks AFTER you created categories.

(click the page&magnifier to edit that category)

After which you can create your boards in pretty much the same fashion.

(click the page&magnifier to edit that board)

This will let you decide even further who can view, reply, start new topics, start polls or who can moderate each board.

The only other permissions to be able to give out are admin permissions.

Each panel has a "rank view" setting on it to select the ranks that can see it. and it is pretty much the same for the rest of your site.

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Beans 1709 11th Dec 2014

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Yes there is @BoomScoom when you click the reply button or when you make a new post there is the "tag user" button (its 2 people and a green/white + sign)and you can type to search for the member(s) to tag.

or if you know their profile id (click on their profile and the number will be in the address bar) then you can use

KING OF J0K3RS 12th Dec 2014

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how do I put the name of the clan across the top of the site?
L.S.R 13th Dec 2014

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To install a banner on your frontpage go to.

Admin Panel/Theme Builder/Default Theme.

Top left screen option, (choose style to customize) scroll down to bottom and choose options.

Banner 1 select /upload or select a file/ choose banner to upload and then select and save.

Hope this helps.

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