How do I Add my Domain to my Site
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Soviet FSB AGSF 28th Jul

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I've followed the steps
I've waited 28hrs now
I've talked with Tech Support @ godaddy
I've put it a ticket
I can't get this to work

Out of all the good stuff iclanwebsites has, adding a domain shouldn't be this difficult.

Can anyone help me?
UKKorby 29th Jul

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How to personalize domain name?
It is 100% possible to use any domain registrar with our websites. All you need to do is setup the domain name from the registrar's side.

For Premium Customers:

We recommend you use our DNS servers, so we can manage your records for you. First, visit your Admin Panel > Menu >DNS Manager and enter your domain name without the 'www.' If you know you have additional DNS records for other services such as email, then enter them here too. Then 'Save.'

Then, change your DNS name servers {not on iClanwebsites DNS manager} but (this is done through your registrar) to:

Your domain will become active within a few hours
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