How do I remove the welcome message?
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tncmods 3rd Aug 2013

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Hello I want to move the welcome message to the login page and remove it so that it cannot be seen on any other page but i cant seem to find anything. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
JamesAdmin 4th Aug 2013

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You could add a panel to the top of the login page or setup a popup announcement for the login page (this is a premium feature).
Solace Unity 5th Aug 2013

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I don't think that would help him do what he's asking. What you could do nooblets, is create a new web page; make it say whatever you like, and in the admin panel go to "Settings" then "Main Settings" and under "Website Settings" there's a section that says "Homepage." From that section, you'll see multiple options to choose from to replace your welcome message / homepage with; including the web page you created. Granted it's not exactly what you're seeking either; however, I think that gets you much closer to the desired end result.
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