How do I set up notifications/what's new?
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Olympea 2nd Feb 2014

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I asked people using my website and they said they get notifications in their "what's new" of the website for things like their post getting likes, someone replies to a topic that they subscribed to, someone commenting on their post in the activity feed...

However, I don't get any notifications in the what's new section, like ever. The only way I can see things is if I go to the activity feed and look through and see that someone has replied/liked/commented etc.

At first, for all topics I wanted to follow I set it up as "subscribe with no email notification." However, as I realised that I get no notifications in the "what's new" section I thought I needed to subscribe for instant email notification as well to get it to work... I still get nothing in the "what's new" section...

Did I turn it off somewhere? If I did where do I find it to turn it back on?
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