How do I upload an image in the forums?
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EpicDinosaurz 12th Apr 2013

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Hey, I was just wondering how do I upload an image I hit the image button but then after that I can't figure out how. Can somebody explain step by step on how to upload an image? And not just a link like the image itself. If this helps I have a mac...

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MooTactics 13th Apr 2013

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where are you trying to upload it?
your ihosting FTP server?
Your gallery?
Your profile?

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Richado 28th Jul 2016

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I have built a image for my clan on my home computer but the button to add an image wants a URL from the web.

How can I upload an image which is on my home machine?
Arnulfo 29th Jul 2016

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Hello there,

You can upload images using or photobucket or any other similar softwares.

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