how to alter/upgrade my voice server subscription?
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Govinda'Purusha 15th Sep 2014

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I'd like to change my voice server subscription to 12-months at a time so I get the better discount.  Please advise how to proceed.  I do not know where to go to alter my subscription.

Down below, in my sig. file area,  I pasted some data that may help you find me in the system.  I did open a ticket (ticket #4914) from the admin panel about this, but have not heard back yet, so I am posting here, in case this works better  ;-)

Thanks so much!


Website ID: vedicguard
Submitted by: Govinda'Purusha

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Evie 16th Sep 2014

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Hello Govinda,

I have already escalated your ticket to our senior representative.

Please wait for a response in the mail.

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