How to change the website menu?
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RaxoGamer 29th Sep 2014

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How to change the website menu?
I like to delete some and move some pages how i do that?
I using the free plan
UKKorby 29th Sep 2014

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Hey Raxo,

That's a good question, here let me help you - Admin Panel-->Search "Edit Menu"

Hope this helps
Dawn 30th Sep 2014

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Yes.. please go to the Admin panel > Menu > Content > Edit Menu and you can either add or remove an item on the main menu.
Thanks again Korby!
xDosHxHomage 7th May 2015

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sorry for resurrecting an old post but is there a way to delete a menu separator?
below is an image of my current menu. i would like to remove the menu separator that is located on the 2nd row at the far left

148.67 KB
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7th May 2015
1209 x 145
JamesAdmin 7th May 2015

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Go to the theme builder. You should be able to disable it or set the width to 0px.
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