How to create profile like one in the link inside?
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DAMARANNY 5th Dec 2015

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Brothers I am new to websites, I am facing a problem which is I want to create a profile like this one: http://www.disturbedsouls ... .com/profile/2404938

The problem is the support guy told me to do it from the Admin Panel>Profile Fields

I went there and when I press the "new profile fields" it shows only one field to fill and I dont know how to create same profile in the link above with this tool, please I want to have a profile with same look in the one above like the name, details inside, couple panels etc.

can someone guide me step by step please?

Best regards
Arnulfo 15th Dec 2015

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I suggest you create a ticket so that we can further assist you on this.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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