How to get clanwebsite to show on google??
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[::EXeCuToR:PriME::] 13th Dec 2014

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Ive searched this question and found a thread talking about SEO?  I don't know what SEO is and that post talking about was halfway erased because the problem was solved....   Ive made a google analytics account and linked the number to my site, what else should I do to get the site to show on google search? thanks
Furious-F 13th Dec 2014

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You're probably listed in Google but if your site is new, it won't show up that easily... Try to bring more and more people in it, keep it active and alive and in few months it'll be showing up if not 1-3 page, 4-5

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Beans 1709 13th Dec 2014

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there is a section in you admin panel called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Filling this section out will help alot

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