How to UNLOCK and LOCKED thread?
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Str8UpJack 23rd Feb 2015

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SO, there is that little lock icon which works to lock a thread but how can I unlock a thread once locked?  I only see the "lock" thread icon and clicking it again after the thread is locked doesn't have any effect. 

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L.S.R 23rd Feb 2015

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Has this been happening since the update ?, as the lock icon is the right button to click to lock or unlock a post.

I have noticed that sticky's and locking will not show up on the page when done (since update) even when refreshing the page, logging out and back in usualy helps to bring back the icons. think its a bug from the new update.

Hope this helps.
JamesAdmin 24th Feb 2015

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Hey guys, patch has just been released. Please check again! Thanks.
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