I screwed up my website
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koncretegaming 22nd Jul 2013

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I went to put in my own domain name but i was inpatient and i changed the domain ip like you are supposed to and set up iclanwebsite part for the domain but i took out the ip off the domain and then my iclan site changed to the doamin but now it wont work because i took out the ip and i dont remember it ...
Jeronix 23rd Jul 2013

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Whats your websites address?

Retro Community @ www.retro-community.com

Live Stream @ www.twitch.tv/jeronixlive

YouTube @ www.youtube.com/retrocommuniteu

Facebook Page @ www.facebook.com/retrocommunityeu

TTT : ttt.retro-community.com:27035
Minecraft : minecraft.retro-community.com:37208
Mumble: mumble.retro-community.com:16414

Retro Community Community Owner
iHosting Support Staff

weowntog 23rd Jul 2013

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hey can you tell me the default template html code
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