iClan Websites has become worse with free users
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Mr Xbox Buds 29th Oct 2014

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Hello everyone, as you all ken iclanwebsites is one of the best free clan hosting accommodation right now. But since I have engendered my first website with iclanwebsites© there have been good changes and lamentable. I do dote some of the incipient features they have integrated, but woefully it seems thery are only fixating on paying customers. As many of you probaly probed for a "free" website host, you ken that there will be ads that will emerge on your website to avail pay and keep your site up and running. And I am fine with that but one of the reccent features "Top Games" I authentically do not relish. The games currently exhibiting on my site have nothing to do with the games we play at all. And there is not even an option to transmute it to a certain type of game to be shown. I cerebrate iClan Websites should take the time to avail free users. As you inserted the iClan Website, "The Best Free Clan and Guild Site hosting Accommodation". Which in fact, there are the best paid accommodation for clans and guilds. I cerebrate that they should put more effort into availing the free users of their accommodation. After all, most of the sites that are made here are on a free plan. What do you have to verbalize about this topic, and do you cerebrate I am erroneous, or right?
Evie 30th Oct 2014

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Hello warfaremaster,

We totally understand how you feel. The "Top Games" panel is a way for us to reach wide variety of gamers and we totally understand how you take this. This can be disabled on premium account.

But let me go ahead and add this to our request, and rest assured this is being considered to be included in our future development.

Thank you for your feedback.

Happy gaming!
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JamesAdmin 30th Oct 2014

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Thanks for your feedback.

Most of the traffic and support tickets come from free users, which costs thousands $ each month to hire staff and cover hosting expenses.

We don't make much money from free users. This is why ads are placed on free sites. You can help us continue to build a better hosting platform for gamers by upgrading to premium.

Without paying users and placing ads on free sites, iClan Websites would not exist.
fapclan 30th Oct 2014

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I also have a problem with the top games panel on my free website (i have 2 websites at iclanwebsites, 1 with premium account and 1 for my airsoft team). Because the free one is for my airsoftteam we do have nothing to do with games.

Altho i have a problem with this panel and it being on top of all panles, i also definitly do understand iclanwebsites. To keep giving us space, service and improvements, money needs to come from somewhere.

Maybe warfaremaster can sum up some other idea's for iclanwebsites to generate money to keep iclanwebsites alive
Evie 31st Oct 2014

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Thank you for for the utmost understanding fapclan!

You're the best!
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Fly34567 16th Mar 2015

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Also it is very annoying that we have to pay for features we don't even know what they are in fact that is what i hate most also the fact that we need to pay to change our end part of the domain makes it even worse
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