I'm new. I have a few questions.
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Cheta Cheez 2nd Apr 2015

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Hi guys. I'm new here. A friend referred me.
I'm working on a website, but I have a few questions.
Here's my site: http://lsco.clanwebsite.c ... om/

Ok, my first problem is that there is a huge black space under my banner.. I have no idea how to remove it. Can someone clue me in?
(Take note that I don't know anything about coding)

My second question is about my profile image. Does it have to be a certain size? It's not working when I upload it.

My last question (even though I'm sure I'll have more in the near future) is about the menu...
On my screen the red menu bar doesn't extend the right fully where the status update, search, etc. is

If anyone could clue me in, that would be great... because I can't figure it out lol
Evie 3rd Apr 2015

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Hi there,

Thank you for your query.

I guess the black space is the blank space for ads. As you know, we only charge a minimal amount to the site. We are getting our maintenance cost mainly from ads. That's the design for now.

Profile image has no specific size. Please try to flush your cache after hitting "Save." You should be able to update profile picture without any problem.

Your top menu is enabled. Go to admin panel > menu > settings > main settings > functionality to disable it.

Feel free to send us a ticket if there's anything else.

Enjoy the site!

Simo 6th Apr 2015

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looks good to me m8

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