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Izzer 1st Nov 2016

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Just trying to have a better understanding of this for when we perform automation.
We have an automated task that looks for users being inactive for 30 days then sends out a notification.

Where I'm seeing some issues with this:
It appears that the inactivity is based on the last login date.  This becomes a problem as the community has the option during login to stay logged in for 1 month.

If I am Logged in and I choose to stay logged in for 1 month and am actively browsing and reading forum threads etc, I will still be considered Inactive due to that parameter.

To the contrary...I can select to stay logged in for 1 month and not be active at all.  So no forum posts, no browsing the site, no reading posts etc...a more specific definition of being "inactive".

I understand we can add additional conditions to our automation to mitigate this such as: "Days since last post", but that is not the question i'm seeking in this thread, so please do not provide that suggestion.

So here are my questions:
  • Is there a way to add "Last Online" as a parameter to build an automated task around?
 Example: Last Online - is equal to: 10 days ago.
I feel "Last Online" is a more accurate way to determine if that user is actively on the site or has just logged in, set the login time to 1 month and then close their browser never to login again until 1 month later.
  • Do we have the ability to remove the login for "1 month" option?  I think this is a global setting for all of iclans, but can we change it for our specific community?



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