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X-Ployt 12th Apr 2014

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So I just issued an infraction to a member  who was spamming the feed with videos...

I check the activity feed again and any other posts and comments by this user were gone. 

First of all, I like to say that if it was meant to keep a user from using the feed, then...that's fantastic!

The infractions don't explain how it limits the user, or how it goes about it. I really think this is necessary. 

When I issued the infraction, it was suppose to last  7 days thinking it was something view able to everyone, but when I had seen that all the user's posts were gone, I changed it to one day , as my original thought was it was just something that could be seen on their name or profile, with the inclusion of a message and reason for issuing the infraction.

Edit: I do see now that a "# of infractions" shows on their profile. It wouldn't be such a bad idea to attach it to their name outside of profiles, and on the user pop-up.

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